Friday, December 10, 2004

Info pack on cigarettes ...

This is a reproduction of the information pack that is included on every new ciggies pack ... I've taken the liberty to add my comments (indicated by >>) to some of them;

Your risk of getting a disease from smoking is very high. Do not think that smoking won't affect your health.
>> Bastards ... then why the fuck are you people selling it?

You should never smoke if you are pregnant. Smoking while pregnant can injure your baby adn causes, among other things, low birth weight.
>> Maybe they got the priorities wrong ... perhaps they should prevent the pregnancy in the first place ... note to 60% of the population ... "Your stupid gene WILL pass on to the next generation, breeding like rabbits won't improve the situation - the number game will not work with Stupid and Lazy genes .. BODOH!

Public health officials, including the International Agency for Research on Cancer, have concluded that second hand tobacco smoke causes or increases the risk of diseases in non-smokers. You should take this into account in deciding whether to be in places where secondhand smoke is present, or if you are a smoker, when and where to smoke around others.
>> Are these the same officials who also decide the general level of morality especially when they are butchering out sex, violence, morally negative shite from movies? If we go by the standard of butchering on film - should they fucking put people with guns on every corner and start firing at smokers?? Fuck the hypocrisy.

Don't smoke around children because children are particularly susceptible to second hand smoke.
>> Refer to paragraph preceding the word "BODOH"

Quiting greatly reduces your risk of diseases.
Quiting can be difficult but it can be done. For advice and help on quiting, consult your doctor, health clinic or pharmacist.
>> While I won't suggest that I have no part in the decision to start smoking - but, as I remembered it, the ciggies companies done a lot to encourage it! As such, they should also play a part in my quiting process ... so, who do I send the bill from my psychiatrist to?

I think I'll leave the rest of the info pack for a different blog ... TO BE CONTINUED ...

End of my bittorrent days?

My bittorrent client is causing a system crash almost daily for the past couple of weeks. I think the bug that infected me and the family cross the online-offline-divide and infected my machine as well ...

This leaves me with a couple of choices ... a) figure out what wrong and fix it, or b) re-install Windows. This copy of windows has been standing firm for almost 6 months with a reinstall .. which is a record in itself - I almost got it to do everything that I want and I would hate to have to 'reconfigure' the damn thing again ... Perhaps it's time to move my bittorent activities onto the Mac ...

This, my friends .. is an honest cabbie - charged me 50 bucks getting to the airport. He does however, drives like a mad man ... if you are in a hurry, just climb into the back, bend forward as far as possible and brace for it until you get to your destination ...

Thursday, December 09, 2004

Time marker ...

In the begining there was a time for time and that time took a long time - it is finally time to complete one time and move on to the next time. Unfortunately, time and time again it takes a long time - is this the time for time or it is just another time in bid of time ...

Acute Tonsillitis

Went to see the doctor on Monday, he took one look at my throat and said that I should be admitted.
Had to run some chores, the most important being a run to the laundry place to grab some undies and pants -afterwards, I checked in the same day to the hospital.

They ran an IV drip with antibiotics so that my tonsils won't swell up anymore and block my airway - this was the whole reason of me needing to be admitted, if the swelling got worse I be choking and that would be bad.

Interesting place to include the Rule of 3s ... 3 minutes without air, 3 days without water, 3 weeks without food.

I was initially very hesitant about spending any amount of time in a hospital - most people who know me know how I feel for doctors and hospitals. Fortunately, my stay of 3 days and 3 nights wasn't too bad - this is probably due to the fact that I haven't been sleeping properly ever since I got the tonsillitis some 14 days ago. Not being able to breath during sleep can be bad too ... At the very least, I now feel somewhat patched up and hopefully I don't get a relapse.

On a more spiritual note - this whole episode feels like a rebirth ... the second coming!

Monday, December 06, 2004

Tonsillitis = Bad = Hospital Stay

This is just not good ... went to the doctor again this morning. We needed to another check up on baby Ryan as we started medication and he is still not improving. Wifey also wanted to check on the white spot found near her tonsils. I, being the one least wanting to see any doctors, was not supposed to get any check up - since wifey made appointment with the ENT (Ear-Nose-Throat) guy, I thought ... What the heck, let's get a look-see.

After checking my wife, the guy stick one of those really cool fibre-optic scope thingy that also displays on a monitor the inside of my mouth. He took one look at it and said it looked pretty bad and recommends (actually, insisted) that I should check myself into the hospital for treatment ...

IV Tube ... this is where they will put drugs through. I also learned later that it serves a bigger purpose - you see, as you check out, unless you have fully settled your bill, the IV thing will act like a handcuff to prevent you from leaving the hospital.

Sunday, December 05, 2004

Everybody is sick ...

My son is sick - down with pharyngitis and is running a fever. I am still nursing the damn tonsillitis I got since last week. Wifey has also been sick ... today, everyone went to see the doctors. For my troubles, I went to three doctors already but it keeps coming back. While the throat is no longer swollen and tender, everytime I eat anything it tasted bitter and felt like sandpaper going down my throat.

Let me repeat my condemnation to the modern medical science .. they know nothing about curing people - at best, they take stabs at guessing what's wrong and had it not been for the invention of penicillin they will have nothing to prescribe.

This brings me to the problem that wifey been having ... she went to two doctors (who know her medical history well) but both of the doctors keep saying that the other doctor got the treatment wrong. In fact, the whole industry is known for the 'second-opinion' practice - here's what I don't get ... if medical is science, then how can two d making the diagono