Saturday, August 14, 2004

TNB ... Rot in Hell!

The power went out for several hours today - wifey came over to wake me at around 6am when the power went out. Called TNB and they claim that power should resume in a couple of hours. Called again at 8am, this time they 'are investigating' ... but promise that the power will be back on in one hour. Between wifey and myself, we must have called a dozen times and everytime they promised that things will be done in one more hour!

The pic is of the contents in my fridge - we had just done grocery shopping the day before and have a fully stuffed freezer! Wifey and I went running around lugging a box full of produce - looking for a cooler box to make sure that the things don't rot! It is always unhealthy to ear rotten food ... maybe, if I had brought the frozen stuff to feed the pigs working on the power station ...

The power finally got back one hour after 3 pm!!

What were they thinking ... ?!

Shoes from Hell ..

Quickie on Ranger

Necessity is the mother of all invention

The greatest show on earth ...

The Athens Games have begun ... it's the Olympic Games!

What an opening! By far the most impressive show I've seen - but, then again - ain't that always been the case. Every host of the Games tries to outdo the previous one - actually, almost everyone aside from Atlanta 96 - that was a so-so show.

The lighting of the Olympic cauldron that will burn for 16 days has always been the highlight of the opening ceremony. This time round it was pretty impressive as well - not all hi-tech or pryo, but full of spirit with a majestic touch to it.

Does anyone has the most favourite lighting ceremony of them all? For me, it got to be the bow-and-flaming-arrow show of the Games in Barcelona in 1992.

Let the Games begin ...

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

The car repair saga continues ... the damn sediment indicator is on again. I think we all know what the 'F' in Ford means! F**king Failures Flimsy Forget-about-getting-another Ford ... This will be the fifth time in the past three weeks that I'll be sending the truck back in - moreover, I think they caused the f**k-up in the first place!

That's a huge amount of laundry .. hmmm .. do I still have clothes at home to change into?