Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Innovative Product packaging ... NOT!!

Just went to the MickyD on my way to work and ordered the standard MickyD Value Meal. I was told that the fries will now be considered as a separate add-on - but the price of the meal was the same as yesterday. If you want fries, you will have to pay more ..

Most of you may consider this bullshit .. well .. yes, it is fictional on the case with MickyD, I just needed a comparable situation to illustrate the actual true case of the 'innovative' packaging that was introduced by ASTRO (a satellite TV station in Asia).

The situation was quite similar, last month, the subscription that I have included several channels that was suddenly 'repackaged' into a separate offering and to have continued access to this channels, you now need to subscribe to a new package!

While I don't really watch the tv .. probably only 3-5 hours per week, and therefore is really wasting the subscription for nothing .. BUT, this new development is just a fucking rip-off .. ASTRO - May you rot and slowly die .. Kiss my sweet ass and luv it!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

I am who I am ..

After 30 odd years of living, it is most interesting of realization that I am NOT who I am.
Not wanting to speak for everyone, but how many of us are who we actually are .. I am not the person I want to be at work, I am trying to be the husband that my wife wants me to be, and I deeply want to be the father I think I should be for my son. Unfortunately, all that I 'should' be is not who I am .. maybe only God can utter .. I shall be that I shall be .. or more commonly, I am That I am ..

This is a whole lot of fucking bullshit .. because I tried so hard to be politically correct and not vulgar - but this is not who I am .. So fuck off world!