Thursday, September 02, 2004

Quack! Quack!

World's best duck! At Seapark - PJ.

Tuesday, August 31, 2004

The decision ...

When one decides to choose ... has he not chosen already?

There lies the predicament ... I was always under the impression that I have the power to choose but I recently realized that by deciding to choose and choice has already been made.

So, was my decision to choose forced onto me? If that is the case, can I even choose?
More and more I am begining to see that at most times we are just walking a marked path - what choice? what control? what power?

Do I forsake the 'what-if's and stay with the predictable?

And if there is no choice - shouldn't life's quest then be to read and map the marked path, rather than to chart a separate course ...

"He who seeks it, finds not - he who has it, seeks not ... " awcy, 20040830

HazMat ...

Do not pump your own fuel without a HazMat suit ... we will all died - we will all die - we will all die!
In case you can't read the warning on the fuel pump station:
Harmful or fatal if swallowed. Long-term exposure to vapors has caused cancer in laboratory animals.
- Avoid prolonged breathing of vapors (or You are going to freaking Die)
- Keep face away from nozzle and gas tank (or You are going to freaking Burn and Die)
- Keep away from eyes and skin (or You are going to have no eyes or sking .. and Die)
- Never siphon by mouth (or Don't be stupid and Die!)

The day we sacrificed a suckling pig ...

That piglet died for a good cause!

Marco Polo Restaurant has a good offer for a whole suckling pig ... 75 bucks for a whole one and it is damn good.

Got some new PC parts for my busted machine ...

That's where I want to be ...

CCC ...

Central command of the work desk ... the three without tails are controlling the three desktops. The one with the tail controls the laptop.

The Mascots ...

Say hello to the mascots - haven't decided on their names yet.

Disabled On Board ...

It is so unfortunate that we don't have too many civilised people here - You don't get much respect nor assistance especially when it comes to parking spots. There will always be some f**king ass****s who will be parking on a disable spot. A word of caution - I will ensure that your car will pay for your indiscretion. May the Lord have mercy on your soul ... I DON"T!

Sunday, August 29, 2004

Hear Ye Our Alma Mater Call

Love your neighbours, help serve society
Be fair, unselfish and charitable
Fear not the rich nor the high and mighty
Trample not the helpless and the humble
Thus do we Cochraneans learn do and say
Our watchword is One for All, All for One!
Strive earnestly for progress ev'ry day
In all our morals, studies, games and fun
Carry high the standard og loyalty
Come Cochraneans follow the cosmic light!
Heaven's bright beacon shows the way for ye
To honour and glory that noble sight
Cochraneans, hear ye our alma mater's call!
Yes, we hear
Then must we come one and all ...

Lyrics by Mr Goon Fatt Chee, 6th headmaster
Music by Mr Dick Halverstadt, former teacher