Monday, December 12, 2005

JIANG Zi-Ya (JIANG Tai-Gong) goes fishing ...

There was once a tale of a legendary master sage named Jiang Tai-Gong, who fishes with a short pole, a long line, a straight hook with no bait. Legend has it that he went fishing every day of his life up to a ripe old age of 80 plus, losing almost every material things and even his wife, but he continue waiting for someone to bite. He always remarked that 'Come and get caught if you so desire ...'
He knows of two things .. the person he's waiting for will come, and he will find his life purpose thereafter.
While most people will look at the story on the person who comes along to be caught, I found it more interesting to consider the fact that Jiang Zi-Ya has absolute conviction to wait for his destiny. His conviction guides him to continue to perform an impossible task that draw ridicule from everyone he know. He forsakes everything material including his wife to wait for his destiny.

JIANG Tai-Gong went on fight alongside the founders of the Zhou Dynasty and become the Prime Minister.

I wonder if I have that conviction .. (I need that conviction!) .., perhaps what I lack is the clear sign to know what I should be waiting for ...

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