Tuesday, October 26, 2004

The end of one journey ...

Is there free-will?
Or are we just walking a marked path?

I have always believed in the ability of oneself to determine one's future. It is this very reason that I believe we are the owners of our fate - the opposite is just unfathomable. I believe in free-will ... I want to believe in free-will ...

However, as I grows older and worked the walk of life, I come to experience more and more the sense of futility. If we are not the masters of our fate, and everything is predetermined, then what is our purpose?

Someone asked me of the reason for making the decision I made today - honestly, I've asked myself that as well. It is not so much the draw of the many positives rather I think my decision was more to rebel against what I believe was predetermination. The want for change created the need for change which eventually caused the change ... hmmm this is starting to be really confusing.

By deciding to choose - has one not chosen to decide?

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